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May 17
Tagged with: Teeth Whitening

If smoking has caused your teeth to yellow, professional teeth whitening can give you a whiter, brighter smile. Learn about teeth whitening for smokers.

Apr 21
Tagged with: Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a safe and effective means of lifting stains from the surface of the teeth. The treatment can temporarily heighten tooth sensitivity in some people. To help our patients understand this potential and temporary side effect, we offer this overview.

Aug 16
Coffee and red wine can stain your smile after teeth whitening treatment. Dr. Steven Hochfelder explains why and offers advice on keeping your smile clean.
Feb 16
NiteWhite® take-home teeth whitening can brighten your smile effectively. Steven Hochfelder DMD goes over the basics of this cosmetic dental bleaching option.
Aug 19

Dr. Steven Hochfelder uses the Zoom!® teeth whitening technique at his practice to give patients the optimal results of whitening treatment.

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