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Aug 18

Sometimes, you really would rather have a root canal - especially if you’re experiencing severe tooth pain.

Jun 18
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Routine dental exams are important for maintaining oral health and preventing wellness and health problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Oct 20

These dental care tips from your dentist will help you prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other serious health and wellness issues.

Aug 19

Dr. Steven Hochfelder uses the Zoom!® teeth whitening technique at his practice to give patients the optimal results of whitening treatment.

Jul 19

Know what patients should consider when choosing a cosmetic dentist, including a full range of treatments, advanced technology, and comfort.

Jun 19

Patients whose teeth are misaligned or crooked can quickly and efficiently improve the appearance of the smile through instant orthodontics treatment.

May 19

Dental crowns have many uses for advanced dental care treatment. Read on to find out who the ideal candidates are for dental crowns and how they may be of benefit to you.

Apr 17

Cosmetic dentist Steven Hochfelder explains the recovery period after dental implant surgery and the role patients can play in their successful healing.

Feb 28

Dr. Steven J. Hochfelder offers patients mini dental implants, a treatment that offers the same stability and durability of traditional dental implants.

Feb 28

When Dr. Steven J. Hochfelder’s patients require porcelain crowns treatment, our staff helps patients calculate the costs.

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