Lake Mary Mini Dental Implant CandidatesIf you have experienced adult tooth loss it is likely that you have heard about the benefits of dental implants. Dental implants are surgically implanted and then fuse with the jaw bone to create the most stable anchor that is available for artificial teeth. Despite the advantages of dental implants, there is a very specific candidate for the procedure. Many patients, especially those who are longtime denture wearers, lack the bone density to support traditional dental implants. At Dr. Steven J. Hochfelder’s Lake Mary cosmetic dentistry practice, mini dental implants provide the stability of traditional dental implants but require less support from the jaw bone, making mini dental implants an option for just about any one of our patients.

A large number of patients who express an interest in dental implants are disappointed to learn that they are not ideal candidates for the treatment. Certain characteristics, such as a lack of adequate bone density, make it impossible for the jawbone to support the implant and dental restoration. In the past, these patients would either require a bone grafting procedure prior to dental implants treatment or would need to opt-out of implant treatment altogether. However, with the advances in implant dentistry, these patients now have another option. Mini dental implants work the same as traditional dental implants but they are roughly half the size. Because of this, they can be supported in patients with less bone density. Just about any patient who has experienced significant tooth loss is an ideal candidate for mini dental implants including the following:

  • Patients who have been told they are not candidates for traditional dental implants
  • Patients who have experienced bone loss in the jaw
  • Patients who are longtime wearers of dentures
  • Patients whose dentures no longer fit properly due to changes in the shape of the jaw bone

The only requirement that a patient must meet in order to be a good candidate for mini dental implants is good oral health. If dental problems such as tooth decay or gum disease are present, they will need to be treated before mini dental implants can be placed.

There are a few conditions that may increase the chances of implant failure, therefore making mini dental implants a poor treatment option. These include substance abuse, a history of radiation treatment in the jaw, and uncontrolled diabetes. Dr. Hochfelder will examine the teeth and jaw and discuss the patient’s medical history to determine if mini implants are an appropriate treatment option.

Benefits of Mini Implants

The greatest benefit of mini dental implants is that they are a viable option for so many patients. However, there are several other advantages to consider, including:

  • A minimally invasive placement procedure
  • The ability to complete treatment (including restoration placement) in a single procedure
  • Superior stability and durability

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