Before and after teeth whitening treatmentA professional teeth whitening session can brighten your smile with several shades in just a single visit. This explains why so many people in and around Lake Mary, FL visit the practice of Dr. Steven Hochfelder for state-of-the-art whitening treatment. It’s effective, and the results can be quite dramatic.

But how long will those results last? Can teeth still get stained after a professional bleaching procedure?

Let’s offer some answers about discoloration after teeth whitening below. We’ll mainly focus on having coffee and wine after whitening since both beverages are notorious for causing tooth discoloration.

Do Teeth Still Stain After Whitening Treatment?


During teeth whitening treatment, your tooth enamel is completely bleached. This helps whiten any stained portions of the tooth. In simple terms, the stain is not removed but instead bleached away.

While a professional teeth whitening treatment is extremely effective at brightening the appearance of smiles, it does not protect tooth enamel from further stains or discoloration. If you smoke cigarettes, use chewing tobacco, or have certain food items, stains are bound to appear over time.

Can I Still Drink Coffee and Wine?

You can, but you have to realize that it can lead to stains. Since coffee and red wine are two major offenders when it comes to causing tooth discoloration, it’s important that you take these risks of discoloration seriously.

That said, our Lake Mary dental care experts have a number of tips to help reduce the stains and discoloration caused by coffee and red wine.

Tips for Having Coffee After Teeth Whitening

If you’re going to drink coffee, consider some of these practical tips to reduce staining:

  • Add Milk to Lighten Your Coffee – Adding a little bit of milk to your coffee lightens the color and makes stains less severe. It doesn’t matter what kind of milk you use so long as it brightens your coffee.
  • Drink Your Iced Coffee Through a Straw – If you drink iced coffee, be sure to use a drinking straw. The straw will bypass your front teeth, which means that stains will not be as prominent.
  • Drink Water with Your Coffee – Drinking some water with your coffee can help remove the stain-causing liquid from your teeth.
  • Brush Your Teeth After Having Coffee – Wait 30 minutes after finishing your coffee to brush your teeth. The acidity of the beverage will temporarily soften your tooth enamel, so waiting for a half-hour makes sure you don’t harm your teeth while getting them clean.

Tips for Having Wine After Teeth Whitening

If you’re going to drink wine, consider some of these practical tips to reduce staining:

  • Consider White Wine Instead of Red – White wine will still stain your teeth, but it won’t be as bad as red wine. Consider switching it up a little to help your teeth remain stain free.
  • Drink Water with Your Wine – Having a little water with your wine can help you clean and swish away any stain-causing residue on your teeth.
  • Brush Your Teeth After Having Wine – Brush the wine away when you’re finished. As with coffee, wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.

Consider Touch-Up Teeth Whitening Years Later

When your teeth eventually develop stains, there’s no need to worry. The team at our Lake Mary dental center can perform a touch-up whitening procedure to enhance your smile and make it look clean and wonderful.

Learn More About Cosmetic Dentistry

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