Teen with a healthy, attractive smileAt Dr. Steven Hochfelder’s dental practice, he caters to patients of all ages, allowing families to rely on one dental practice for the high-quality dental care they deserve. Many parents are particularly worried about the oral health of their teen children. With busy school, sports, and social schedules, it can be easy for teens to forget about their dental health.

Fortunately, Dr. Hochfelder offers general dentistry services to preserve oral health, as well as restorative dentistry treatments to address dental complications that may develop. The dental care for teens provided at Dr. Hochfelder’s Lake Mary, FL practice makes it easier for teens to maintain strong, healthy smiles and promotes positive oral hygiene habits to last a lifetime.

General Dentistry Services

No matter their age, all patients can benefit from general dentistry services to preserve oral health and prevent dental complications. These services are essential for teens that tend to neglect at-home oral health care or rush through brushing and flossing – often using improper techniques.

General dental care starts with routine dental exams and cleanings. For teen patients, exams and cleanings should be scheduled once every six months. Cleanings allow us to remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar from hard-to-reach places (or areas that may have been neglected), and exams enable Dr. Hochfelder to monitor oral health and look for any signs of dental complications. He uses advanced dental technology, such as the DIAGNOdent® cavity detection system, to ensure that tooth decay is caught before it leads to more serious oral health problems.

We understand that a dental exam is probably one of the last things a teen wants to spend his or her time on, but we offer amenities to make dental appointments as comfortable as possible for our patients. Our exam rooms are equipped with aromatherapy machines, chair warmers, chair massagers, and televisions, all of which create a welcoming and relaxing setting. These conveniences help our teen patients feel safe and comfortable throughout their dental examination so that they actually look forward to the next one.

Restorative Dentistry Services

Even when dental exams and cleanings are scheduled regularly, it is not unusual for teens to develop some degree of tooth decay. The restorative dentistry services offered by Dr. Hochfelder treat the various stages of tooth decay to restore the strength and health of the affected tooth. The restorative dentistry treatments that are most commonly recommended to our teen patients include:

  • Fluoride treatments: Fluoride treatments are often recommended when a patient has significant plaque buildup on the teeth. A fluoride rinse kills bacteria to help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride treatments offer an extra form of protection for teens at higher risk of developing a dental cavity.
  • Sealants: Dr. Hochfelder understands that it can be difficult for teens to clean the deep crevices of their molars, so he offers sealants to block out harmful bacteria. Sealants are brushed onto the teeth without altering their structure of the tooth. Sealants create a barrier that helps prevent cavities.
  • Dental fillings: If a cavity does develop, a dental filling is the most appropriate treatment option. Fillings repair the structure of the tooth and seal off the center of the tooth to block out bacteria. Many of our teens are happy to learn that we offer tooth-colored fillings, which repair the teeth without compromising the appearance of the smile.

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If you are looking for quality dental care for your teen, look no further than experienced dentist Steven Hochfelder. Dr. Hochfelder offers a comprehensive range of general and restorative dental services, all in a professional setting that will make your teen feel safe and comfortable. To learn more about dental care for teens, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hochfelder at your earliest convenience.