dentist holding open woman’s mouth to reveal new restorations as she smilesDental crowns are restorations used to repair teeth that are chipped, broken, or decayed. Dental crowns for front teeth can completely transform your appearance and allow you to chew with ease. Crowns are also used to restore dental implants.

In our Lake Mary, FL, dental office, Dr. Steven Hochfelder can customize dental crowns to give you a natural, seamless look. He will ensure the crown matches the color and shape of your surrounding teeth. He offers various materials to provide optimal results. Our team will explain the entire process during a consultation.

Am I a Good Candidate?

During an examination at our Lake Mary office, our dental team will examine your mouth and take x-rays and photos as needed. We will determine whether you are a good candidate based on certain criteria. Crowns are most often recommended to:

  • Conceal imperfections such as chips, cracks, and breaks
  • Strengthen weak or damaged teeth
  • Cover dental implants or large fillings
  • Bind together cracked or broken teeth
  • Restore teeth after root canal treatment

How are Crowns Made?

Crowns are made from a variety of materials to provide you with the best look and better function to enjoy daily activities. Here are some of the most common materials used:

  • Metal: These crowns are the most durable choice, but they don’t match the natural color of teeth.
  • Porcelain: All-ceramic crowns are the most popular choice since they blend well with your natural teeth.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM): These restorations achieve both strength and optimal aesthetics. PFM crowns have a metal substructure but are covered in medical-grade ceramic for a natural look.
  • Resin: These crowns can wear down quicker than other types and can fracture rather easily. They are generally only intended for temporary use.
  • Zirconia: No other material mimics the color of natural enamel-like zirconia. These crowns are incredibly strong and durable and offer long-lasting results.
  • IPS e.max®: This option is made from pressed ceramic, which offers optimal strength and a natural look.

For dental crowns for front teeth, our doctor typically opts for all-porcelain. He will work with you to determine the best material to meet your needs.

How Are Crowns Installed?

Our Lake Mary dentist will numb your tooth and surrounding area with local anesthesia. However, if there is any decay this will be removed first. The doctor will also reshape the tooth to ensure that the crown will fit securely.

After Dr. Hochfelder takes impressions of your front teeth, he will send them to a lab. The lab will fabricate the crown to match your surrounding teeth. A temporary crown can be placed while you wait for your final restoration to be crafted. The fabrication process takes about two weeks. Once the permanent crown is ready, the dentist bonds it to the tooth and ensures a proper fit.

What to Expect

Once your dentist places your crown, you might experience tooth sensitivity to heat and cold. This can be mitigated by using toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth.

Some crowns, such as all-porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal, are more prone to chipping. If there is a small chip, the dentist can repair it with composite resin. For more significant chips, the doctor might have to replace the crown.

Crowns can also become loose or fall out, especially if you eat hard or sticky foods. You should contact our office as soon as possible to make any needed repairs.

Crowns typically last five to15 years when cared for properly. You should follow a daily hygiene regimen, including brushing and flossing. Regular checkups with your dentist are also essential.

Schedule an Appointment

If you have a front tooth that has been damaged by decay or trauma, contact our office for a dental crown consultation. Send our team a message or call (407) 321-8900 today.