Lake Mary Dental Implant RecoveryAt the practice of cosmetic dentist Steven Hochfelder, patients who are missing one or more of their natural teeth can restore health, beauty, and function to their smiles with dental implants. As an experienced and highly trained implant dentist, Dr. Hochfelder is able to perform all stages of dental implant surgery in the convenience of his state-of-the-art office, without having to refer patients out to local oral surgeons. From the crucial planning phase to the attachment of exquisitely crafted crowns, bridges, or dentures, he is there every step of the way to ensure the finest results possible.

His expertise also allows him to guide patients through the process, providing them with the education they need and the answers they deserve. During initial consultations at Dr. Hochfelder’s practice in Lake Mary, dental implant recovery is explained in detail so that patients know what to expect after undergoing surgery before they dedicate themselves to the procedure. Many patients are actually surprised by how smooth and quick the recovery after implant surgery can be when they follow Dr. Hochfelder’s post-surgical instructions carefully.

The Day of Surgery

Dental implant surgery is performed while patients are under sedation. When IV sedation is used, patients will have to arrange for someone to drive them to and from the appointment. When a local anesthetic is used, patients are generally able to function normally immediately after the surgery; however, their mouths will be numb for a few hours. In the latter case, patients must avoid chewing or drinking hot liquids until they have regained full sensation in their mouths.

While it is often possible for patients to return to work or their other daily routines on the day of surgery, most patients find it beneficial to spend the remainder of the day relaxing.

The First Few Days after the Procedure

Patients should be prepared to experience some bleeding and facial swelling during the first few days after the procedure. Dr. Hochfelder will either prescribe or recommend pain relievers that can be used to manage discomfort. Bleeding can be controlled by biting down on gauze packing, while ice packs can be applied to the face to control swelling.

Spitting, rinsing, and drinking through a straw should be absolutely avoided during this period. If Dr. Hochfelder prescribes antibiotics to prevent infection, these should be taken as directed for as long as directed.

The First Few Weeks after the Procedure

The long-term success of dental implants depends heavily on how well patients heal in the weeks after surgery, which in turn depends on how closely they follow Dr. Hochfelder’s post-surgical instructions. Among other instructions, Dr. Hochfelder will advise patients to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, eat primarily soft foods while avoiding foods that are hard or chewy, and maintain good oral hygiene. It is important that patients attend follow-up appointments as advised and follow all instructions that are specific to their unique cases.

Learn More about Dental Implant Surgery Recovery

To learn more about the recovery period after dental implant surgery, please contact the cosmetic and restorative dentistry practice of Dr. Steven Hochfelder today.