Male with dental bridge for the front teethTooth loss weakens oral functions, compromises aesthetics, and threatens the structure of the smile. Tooth loss should be addressed as soon as possible to protect and restore the smile. A dental bridge is often the most effective treatment when a single tooth or small set of teeth has been lost.

Dental bridges are strong, attractive, and reliable restorations. When placing a dental bridge, certain factors need to be considered, especially if the dental bridge is for the front teeth. Here, Dr. Steven Hochfelder goes over the treatment options available to his Lake Mary, FL, patients undergoing dental bridge treatment to address the loss of the front teeth.

Front Teeth Bridge Considerations

When placing a dental bridge to address tooth loss, it is essential to consider the location of the bridge. Each of the teeth serves its own unique function. For instance, the side and back teeth play a large role in biting, chewing, and breaking down food, so when these teeth are lost, strength and durability are extremely important when replacing them.

The front teeth are rarely used to chew, so while we still want these teeth to be strong, it is clear that they do not sustain the same degree of force as some other teeth. Instead, the front teeth have a huge impact on the appearance of the smile. The front teeth are the first seen when a person is smiling, talking, or laughing. Because of this, the aesthetics of a dental bridge are often the top priority when treating the loss of the front teeth.

Prettau® Dental Bridges for Enhanced Aesthetics

Dr. Hochfelder is proud to offer his Lake Mary patients Prettau® dental bridges. These bridges are made of translucent zirconia. This material is strong enough to withstand the usual wear and tear that the teeth are exposed to. But, most importantly when it comes to the front teeth, it produces a beautiful and natural-looking dental bridge. Prettau® dental bridges are ideal for the front teeth for several reasons:

  • A Prettau dental bridge is completely customizable: by tooth size, shape, and color
  • A Prettau dental bridge has a custom base that blends in with the natural gum tissues
  • A Prettau dental bridge is translucent and reflects light, much like the natural teeth
  • A Prettau dental bridge creates a lifelike appearance

Bridge Placement

Another important consideration for dental bridge treatment is how the bridge will be placed or secured within the smile. For most cases of tooth loss, there are only two placement techniques to consider. However, when a bridge is placed at the front of the mouth, there are four types of placement techniques that may be used:

  • Traditional bridge – A traditional bridge is held in place by two dental crowns that are placed on the two teeth immediately adjacent to the area of tooth loss.
  • Implant-supported bridge – An implant-supported bridge is anchored by a series of dental implants that are surgically placed in the jaw to act as replacement tooth roots.
  • Cantilever bridge – A cantilever bridge is very similar to a traditional bridge, but the bridge is held in place with one dental crown instead of two. This technique is unusual but may be considered for front teeth placement.
  • Maryland bridge – A Maryland bridge is a bonded bridge. It has two resin “wings” that extend from the back and are bonded to adjacent teeth on either side. This type of bridge is rarely used but may be appropriate if someone has lost a single front tooth.

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