Porcelain veneers treatmentMinor dental flaws and cosmetic imperfections are common. Unfortunately, even small aesthetic flaws can have a big impact on the overall appearance of the smile.

There are dental treatments aimed at treating specific dental problems, but only porcelain veneers are versatile enough to address tooth stains, general discoloration, chips, cracks, fractures, gapped teeth, and minor malocclusion problems.

Porcelain veneers sit over the natural teeth to conceal blemishes and produce a total smile makeover. Patients often quickly adjust to the appearance of their newly enhanced smile, but it can take a little longer to adjust to how porcelain veneers feel.

Here, Dr. Steven Hochfelder discusses how long it takes to get used to porcelain veneers so that our Lake Mary, FL patients know what to expect following treatment.

How Thick Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of semi-translucent ceramic materials that are bonded to the facial surface of the teeth. They are made to resemble natural teeth, but since they are just shells that cover the teeth, they are not thick.

The average porcelain veneer is less than .5mm thick, which is roughly the same thickness of a fingernail or contact lens. Because veneers are so thin and sit so closely against the teeth, they will not take as long to adjust to as braces or dentures.

However, most patients still find that it takes some time to get used to how the bite feels and functions after porcelain veneers treatment.

The Adjustment Period

Every patient adjusts to changes on his or her own timeframe, so we can’t tell patients exactly how long it will take to get accustomed to the porcelain veneers.

But, on average, patients report that it takes about two to three weeks before their bite and smile feel normal again after porcelain veneers treatment. Once patients have adjusted to their porcelain veneers, they should not even notice that they are in place.

Veneers comfortably allow for a full range of oral functions and can be cared for just like the natural teeth, so they really do blend in seamlessly with the smile.

Tips for Adjusting to Veneers

Adjusting to veneers requires time and patience. However, there are some tips that patients can follow to help the adjustment period go smoothly.

  • Continue to practice regular oral hygiene habits
  • Use a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth
  • Avoid foods that are particularly hard, crunchy, chewy, or sticky
  • Minimize exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • If any speech impediment develops, continually practice saying the words or sounds that are causing a problem

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